Monday, 7 March 2016

Madonna - Love Her or Hate Her, She's a Force of Nature!

Thank you to my loyal friends and family who have come back to read more about my life after concussion recovery. Madonna may not have much to do with concussion but last night is the first time I have gone out in the evening since my accident 16 months ago and I really pushed the boat out!

From keeping normal bedtimes to going to bed at 4am was a big leap but today I feel great so no harm done!

On Wednesday I had a Facebook message from a friend in Europe saying her brother was coming to Auckland as part of Madonna's crew. Did I want to go? I am never one to turn down the opportunity for a new experience, especially if it doesn't cost me anything! I gratefully accepted and the tickets arrived on Friday for the Saturday show! 

Now, I have to say, I am not a Madonna fan but I admire her drive and commitment to her craft. She did not disappoint when it came to controversy during the show. http://www.nzheraldYes, there was profanity, overtly sexual dancing and sexualising of religious themes that made me baulk initially but you had to admire the skill and beauty of the choreography. The dancers were amazing and the whole show was unusual and creative. I haven't had such fun in, well, let me see......... in at least 16 months! 

Madonna kept us waiting until 10.30pm before she started her performance.  People were starting to fidget and the initial suspense waned to boredom after we had exhausted Mexican Waves and filling ourselves up on snacks from the take out stalls in the foyer. 

When she eventually appeared, lowered from high up in the rigging in a cage, the crowd was ecstatic. Whistling, screaming, clapping, everyone was on their feet, arms in the air. The atmosphere was incredible. 

Apart from the occasional slump in energy the show was relentlessly high impact, loud (very loud), and visually arresting. Even 2 months ago this would have been the stuff of nightmares to me! But I didn't suffer any concussion symptoms all night even though the bass was booming so forcefully that I could feel my whole body vibrating, even my tongue vibrating in my mouth! 

I think part of Madonna's appeal is that she is so unpredictable. She doesn't adhere to the usual social mores so you never know what is going to come out of her mouth next. She said something on Saturday to the media, I think, related to the sexual and religious content of her show which, to me, shows her powerful ego, even narcissism. http://www.stuff. 

The show left me pondering the cult of celebrity. Madonna believes she can do anything she wants. She is special because she is the object of so much adulation. It must be very hard to maintain a balanced view of yourself. Just saying......    

Links below with footage of the show, if you are interested.

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