Sunday, 6 March 2016

Looking forward and back......

Mount Cook at the head of Lake Pukaki

There are lots of useful webpages giving advice about how to start a blog. The most universal directive given is that the blog should be about a specific subject matter, for example, food, travel, alternative lifestyles, gardening.

I have always been interested in lots of things, including all of the above. However,  currently my life can be summed up in 2 words - 'Concussion Survivor'. So I am going to write about many different things from the viewpoint of someone who has faced losing everything.

16 months ago I fell backwards off a stool and bashed the back of my head on the edge of the bathroom washbasin. To my surprise I was still alive. It had been an awful, life changing accident that  left my body feeling all wrong. I bumped into things, dropped things, couldn't finish sentences  (anyone who knows how verbose I am will see that this was a troubling consequence!) I couldn't process information quickly enough to be able to drive, I couldn't sleep, talk on the phone, be with people without experiencing utter exhaustion afterwards.

I believed my life, as I had known it, was over.

This blog is going to explore my experience of concussion and its aftermath. My brain is healed now and I am starting to make plans and dream again. At 58 years old I feel an urgency to do all the things I have thought about learning and experiencing like, playing my 'cello again, learning to throw pots, travelling, learning to kayak, resuming acting classes, starting rock climbing again, taking better photos, becoming an active astronomer, and writing which was a solitary activity that I could do in small bites during my recovery period.
The view across Auckland Harbour
 and the Hauraki Gulf from the staff room at work

This week has seen a huge leap forward for me in my recovery story. On Monday I started back at work as a full member of the team. I am a midwife on a very busy ward, with lots of conflicting demands and relentless pressure to do everything quicker and smarter so, looking back over this week, I feel relieved to know I can still do it! So this seems a good moment to look back, and forward,  in the context of my recovery, and start to write my thoughts as a blog.

Please feel free to make comments and I am always keen to develop my writing skills so any constructive criticism about this is appreciated. I am assuming here that someone is going to read my musings........  Thank you if you have.


  1. well done.You should be proud of yourself. I hope you will do all the things you would like to do. M.

  2. Keep at it, enjoying the blog so far. it's interesting how one moment can drastically change how the rest of your life plays out. keep writing


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